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Information Technology Managed Service Level 1 - Includes:

technical support for workstations and mobile devices, including data backup, virus prevention and security, and repair.
Our experienced remote support technicians provide comprehensive technical support.
Technicians can troubleshoot issues affecting PCs, Macs, servers, and other devices at your organization.

Premium Support

-Support during business hours

-User Rights & Account Management

-Performance and application troubleshooting

-Setting user permissions and services

-Onsite or Remote Desktop troubleshooting

Information Technology Managed Service Level 2 - Package Includes (plus level 1)
-Managing updates on workstations
-Desktop & device management
-Software management (licensing management & optimization)
-Security management & identity protection
-Managing updates and application upgrades
-Managing security and privacy settings for all users

Information Technology Managed Service Level 3 -
Package includes (plus levels 1&2):
- Mobile Device connectivity & management
- Web defense (restricting urls, phishing malware, spam)
- Regulatory Compliance via O365 infrastructure
- Managing mobile applications
- Maintaining anti-spam & anti-malware software
- Assuring appropriate compliance is applied

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